Restore Pipes Without Tearing Up Your Walls

Revolutionary New Solution to Pipe Corrosion

The Most Important Plumbing News in 50 Years

Pipe corrosion and the resulting pinhole leaks have recently become a common problem for property owners. Pipes that were once expected to last 25-50 years are in some cases breaking down as early as 2 years after installment. That’s why many property owners are being forced to consider the cost and hassle of repiping.

The epoxy pipe restoration process in copper pipe

Fortunately, there is another alternative- epoxy pipe lining.

This revolutionary new plumbing technology was first used by the military, hospitals and other government-owned buildings. Now hotels, businesses and homeowners are discovering the advantages of this new solution to plumbing problems.

Restored copper pipe which had pin hole leaks

And now it’s available to private property owners.

Epoxy pipe lining is an “in-place” pipe restoration method. It restores your pipes right within the walls, without tearing them up. It even prevents the very corrosion that damaged your pipes in the first place.

This website is devoted to informing the public of epoxy pipe lining; how it benefits you as a property owner and what it entails. Our mandate is to save you from spending thousands of dollars unnecessarily on repiping, when a cheaper, less intrusive alternative may be option.